Bob Fish is a creative intellectual property force, the founding partner of Fish IP Law LLP, and an author. His books, Strategic Patenting, White Space Patenting, Green Fields Patenting and Prosecution Magic, are comprehensive guides to the patent process. He also writes the “Patent Beast™” comic and designed a patent-themed board game to educate and bring humor to the patent process.

The Patent Beast™ Comic is a creative concept that started nearly 14 years ago. This book is animated by real events and finds inspiration from comical situations that arise in the office. The Patent Beast™ Comic Book pokes fun at staff members, patent examiners, clients, and even the author himself. If you, or someone you know, works in a patent office, or in the field of intellectual property, this is the perfect book! You might also enjoy shorter versions, or the Patent Beast Rings of Fire™ board game. Any can be obtained free-of-charge by emailing us at lbithell@fishiplaw.com.