Fish FAQs: Patent Search Costs

Patent Search Costs

How much does a patent search cost?

It can range from 500 dollars to a thousand or more. Some chemical patentability searches can run ten thousand dollars or more. A typical search can take anywhere between a day and several weeks.

What’s the big deal? you think…. I google stuff every day. It’s outrageous to pay a lawyer to google something when I could do it myself! But this is MUCH more than a simple internet search.

The cost is for a professional in the specific field, who has the ability to understand the prior art- that body of relevant information that exists pertaining to your invention- and to ascertain if your invention would be patentable not only in the way you envisioned, but in ways beyond the original scope. A good attorney doing a thorough patent search will uncover much more than the average joe using google.

Paradoxically, the simpler an invention is, the harder and more expensive it is to search. Whaaaat??
The reason is- a simple thing will by nature have a lot more possible uses, and therefore a much broader range of places to check. It takes more time… and that means more money.

You can try and save the money and do it yourself, but most likely, you’ll miss a lot… and the examiners looking at your patent application, who ARE trained professionals…. will not. With this in mind, it’s better to pay up front than waste the time and money of having your application rejected.