The gallery of Colorized Patent Drawing’s is the latest collection of Fish IP™ art. These colorful diagrams are derived from original patents, many of which we find in our everyday life, and transformed into vibrant works of art. Each week, new pieces will be added to the growing collection.


agriculture and farm tools

toy circus
magic hat
food service
Sound muffler for covering the mouth
Glasses with subliminal message
Method of exercising a cat
Method and apparatus for making a drink hop along a bar or counter
Tamper resistant institutional shoe and method
Two piece snowman mold
Forehead support apparatus
Human interaction with unmanned aerial vehicles
Pressure washer device employing a cool bypass
Water De-Salination
Water harvesting system
Wind farm generation scheme utilizing electrolysis to create gaseous fuel for a constant output generator
Disk Plow
Wheeled shovel with hinge apparatus