Module for Automated Matrix Removal


An automated matrix removal module is configurable to automatically withdraw a portion of sample containing an interferent. The module is further configurable to mix the portion of sample with a precipitating reagent selected to react with the interferent to fonn a precipitant and then filter mixture of sample and precipitant reagent through a filter. Finally, […]

Cervical Collar with End-Supported Chin Strap


The cervical collar has three principal pieces: a back panel, a main collar body, and a chin piece. The chin piece is permanently attached to the main collar body and is only attached at its ends to the main collar body so that the center portion of the chin piece can adjust to chin configuration. […]

Improved Distillation Systems


A differential vapor pressure (DVP) cell (150) is disposed in a divided wall column (100) that receives a feed comprising a first (102A), second (102B), and third (102C) component. A separation section (120) on the feed side of the divided wall column separates the feed in a vapor comprising the first and second component, and […]

Lanthanide Batteries


A battery (100) comprises an electrolyte in which a lanthanide and zinc form a redox pair. Preferred electorlytes are acid electrolytes, and most preferably comprise methane sulfonic acid, and it is further contemplated that suitable electrolytes may include at least two lanthanides. Contemplated lanthanides include cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, terbium, and dysprosium and further contemplate lanthanides […]