Irrigation Controller Using Estimated Solar Radiation


An irrigation controller (200) receives temperature data, and at least partly derives an estimated solar radiation value from the temperature data. A regression model stored in a memory (220) of the irrigation controller (200)operates upon a data point from the estimated solar radiation to estimate an evapotranspiration rate, which is used to affect an irrigation schedule executed by the controller (200). […]

Configurations and Methods for Wave Energy Extraction

A wave energy harvester includes an element that converts forward and/or backward movement of water in a wave passing the harvester into upward and/or downward movement to thereby increase the vertical amplitude of the harvester relative to the sea floor. In most preferred aspects, the element is a hydrofoil that is coupled to the harvester. […]

Secondary Battery with Autolytic Dendrites


A battery (100) comprises a cell having a cathode compartment (120) that includes an element that is oxidized during charging of the battery (100), wherein the oxidized element forms a salt with an acid and thereby increases the H+ concentration in the cathode compartment (120) sufficient to promote an H+ flux into the anode compartment […]

Optical Method and Apparatus for Determining Fertility Status


An optical method of determining a woman’s fertility status is provided, wherein an optical system (20) has a sample receiving surface (29) and an eyepiece (28), such that the sample can be viewed in focus through the optical system (20) without altering the distance between the eyepiece (28) and the sample receiving surface (29) using […]

Fire Barrier


A fire barrier for use in dynamic voids to seal against the spread of fire. Flexible foil-backed insulation material is supported by a woven metallic support screen positioned in the void. As the surfaces defining the void undergo relative movement, the ability of the individual wire elements of the screen to move in a scissor-like […]

High Temperature Polymer Electrolytes


An electrolyte is provided having a backbone that includes a plurality of aromatic constituents coupled together by at least one atom having a Jt-cloud, and in which a halogen atom and an ion exchange group are covalently bound directly to the backbone. Furthermore, the electrolyte is high temperature resistant and may comprise perhalogenated polymers, including […]

Printing of Electronic Circuits and Components


Methods are disclosed for printing (2-7) multilayer electronic components, and circuits on a surface (2), where at least one of the layers is formed by a redox reaction (6) occurring in a deposited solution (4, 5). Electronic components may comprise semiconductors such as in transistors or diode, or metal oxide or electrolyte such as in […]

Layered Hard Mask and Dielectric Materials and Methods Therefor


A damascene structure includes a hard mask layer that is applied in a liquid phase to a line dielectric layer. Contemplated hard mask layers comprise a Si-N bond and are densified such that the etch resistivity of the hard mask layer is greater than the etch resistivity of the line dielectric layer and the via […]

Voice Recognition Peripheral Device


Methods and apparatus are provided in which a voice recognition peripheral device (VRPD) is in electronic communication with and releasibly attached to a personal digital assistant (PDA). Voice recognition software or hardware is provided on the VRPD to provide voice commands that are transferred to an application that is executed on the PDA, or to […]

Improved Configuration and Process for Shift Conversion


The inventors discovered that a significant portion of steam in hydrogen production from syngas (and other gases with relatively high CO to H2 ratio) is utilized for temperature control in the shift reactors. Therefore, it is contemplated that the overall steam demand can be significantly lowered by splitting the feed stream in a first and […]