Collapsible Rocking Chair


Methods and apparatus are provided in which a collapsible rocking chair has legs that translate towards and away from each other to configure the chair between open and collapsed dispositions, and at least one leg that slidably articulates with a rocker. Preferred embodiments have four legs. The left back leg slidably articulates with a left […]

Electronic Educational Game

WO06049611 (1)

An electronic educational game (1) comprising a learning aid (10) that is adapted to receive and identify a lesson card (20), and to subsequently accept user input and to provide responses. The responses provided are at least partially determined by the identity of the lesson card. The identity is determined by using an optical code reader (200), that is part of […]

Advanced Cosmetic Color Analysis System and Methods Therefor


An advanced cosmetic color analysis system) analyzes the color of a three dimensional object to produce a plurality of color values for distinct subsets of a portion of the object, and a cosmetic analyzer combines the color values to produce a cosmetic color determination that has relative weightings of multiple cosmetic colors. Contemplated systems are […]

Cathodic Protection Methods and Apparatus


Apparatus, compositions and methods provide cathodic protection to a structure by placing an anode layer (10) directly between the structure (22) and its underlying foundation (30). Structures contemplated to be protected in this manner include especially very large structures such as above ground storage tanks. In one aspect of preferred embodiments, the anode layer (10) comprises sheets of at least 85% aluminum […]

Cosmetic Color Determinate System


A collector (202) captures light from source images as a field of pixels, a color analyzer (292) analyzes a proper subset (420) of the field to produce a plurality of color values, and a cosmetic analyzer then uses the color values to produce a cosmetic color determination. Another aspect of the present invention comprises a window having a light passage area, […]

Integrated Alert System


Contemplated alert systems provide increased functionality and interactive operation by use of subsystems that are coupled between the GUI/rules engine and the alert devices, wherein the subsystems provide for bidirectional flow of information. Therefore, in one aspect, the GUI displays functional and operational parameters of associated alert devices in real time and thus allows an […]