Strategic Patenting

strategic patenting book

Strategic Patenting

A Comprehensive Guide For Everyone Involved In The World Of Patenting

Strategic Patenting

Where others teach only the basics, or dryly report on case law, this book details the strategic considerations, the how and the why of patent drafting. Written with a conversational style and numerous examples, this book is an essential read for everyone, whether he is just starting out, or has 30 years of experience.

Praise For Strategic Patenting

"Strategic Patenting is by far the most useful book I have ever read on patenting. Attorneys will find tips on everything from patentability searching to 'white space' patenting and foreign filing. Inventors and business people will finally understand how to distinguish strong from weak claims, and how to get the most from their patent budgets."
Nick Witchey, Dir. of IP, Zetera Corp.

"I read this book cover to cover, and found myself instantly articulate on all issues of patents, from application drafting to valuation and licensing."
Uny Cao, Ph.D. inventor.

"What is really great about Strategic Patenting for a high level executive is that it is so accessible. The layout allows one to get either a quick overview or a detailed understanding of virtually any patent topic."
Marc Lieberman, CEO, Vandolay, Inc.

Cervical Collar with End-Supported Chin Strap


The cervical collar has three principal pieces: a back panel, a main collar body, and a chin piece. The chin piece is permanently attached to the main collar body and is only attached at its ends to the main collar body so that the center portion of the chin piece can adjust to chin configuration. The back panel engages behind the neck and is tightened with respect to the main collar body to properly support the patient’s head and protect the cervical spine. The chin piece adjusts to the patient’s chin configuration because it is sufficiently flexible and only supported away from the chin area. Each of the pieces has a foam cushioning layer.