General Guidelines for Drafting Patent Applications: Chapter 3


III.GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR DRAFTING PATENT APPLICATIONS BUY WHITE SPACE PATENTING BOOK: CLICK HERE Click to download this chapter of White Space Patenting (pdf includes illustrations It is said that only about 60% of U.S. patent applications make it through the patent office to become patents, only about 15% of the issued patents are ever commercialized, […]

Search Patentiability: Chapter 2

White Space Patenting Chapter 2

II.SEARCH PATENTABILITY TO BRAINSTORM THE AVAILABLE WHITE SPACE BUY WHITE SPACE PATENTING BOOK: CLICK HERE Click to download this chapter of White Space Patenting (pdf includes illustrations) How is it that good patent counsel can often devise white space claims in a few hours, whereas it may have taken the inventor months or years to […]

Fish IP Law™ is Growing

Brian Kim Fish IP Law™

Fish IP Law™ is pleased to welcome its newest associate attorney, Brian Kim to the firm’s office in Irvine, CA. Brian focuses his practice on patent prosecution, in a variety of technological fields including artificial intelligence, and biomedical devices. In addition to Brian, Fish IP Law™ has recently hired three new team members including, a […]

White Space Patenting: Chapter 1


CHAPTER I – WHAT IS WHITE SPACE PATENTING BUY WHITE SPACE PATENTING BOOK: CLICK HERE As practiced in our office,1 white space patenting is the process of claiming what the inventor thinks he invented, plus whatever commercially viable alternatives can be claimed, while still falling within the confines dictated by recent Supreme Court precedents. Management […]

Electronic Educational Game


An electronic educational game (1) comprising a learning aid (10) that is adapted to receive and identify a lesson card (20), and to subsequently accept user input and to provide responses. The responses provided are at least partially determined by the identity of the lesson card. The identity is determined by using an optical code reader (200), that is part of […]

Air Propelled Water Wad Launcher


A blowgun has a movable mouthpiece coupled to a barrel, wherein a soft, and preferably fluid-soaked projectile is inserted into the barrel through the mouthpiece via a continuous channel that is formed by the mouthpiece and the barrel. After loading of the projectile, the channel is closed by moving the mouthpiece relative to the barrel.

Collapsible Chair with Backrest Rod Anchor


A collapsible chair having a backrest, at least one backrest support rod, and a backrest rod anchor coupling the backrest to the backrest support rod, wherein the backrest rod anchor comprises a rod end receiving portion coupled to a backrest attachment portion, the backrest support rod is at least partially enclosed by the rod end […]